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Dilliebooks is a small independent imprint based in the North East of England which aims to publish books that engage, entertain and inspire.
We also offer support to help any writer, at any stage of the journey, get their stories out into the world.

Set up by Sharon McKee, Dilliebooks is a platform for publishing her own writing and that of others, as well as wanting to help authors who self-publish or choose to go down any other route. With a background in journalism, publishing and PR, Sharon has scribbled since she first picked up a pencil, and has experienced the writing and publishing worlds from very different viewpoints.

Dilliebooks helps writers get their story out there – from publishing a select number of books to also offering additional support for all writers including:
• Editing (developmental and copy editing)
• Proof Reading (ready for publishing)
• Coaching (support to plan, write and complete your book)

What is the Dillie?
Dillie or Dilly may well mean remarkable, outstanding, delightful… we’d like to be all of these things and help you and your writing be remarkably, delightfully, outstanding too!

(In Welsh, Dilly also means tide, flow, related to the sea – for anyone who has felt they’ve been swimming against the tide or even drowning in the deep depths of writing this may also feel apt…)

Our Dillie personifies these definitions – and is, like a good book, a little bit mysterious, undefinable, and unique.