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Posted on 14 Aug 2015

Tags: challenges, Travel, adventures

A number of our books are about people doing things that other people may think are... well, a little crazy.
At the age of 48 Penny Knight gave up a perfectly happy life to sell everything and become a permanently on the road overseas expedition leader.
Eileen Masters worked for Oxfam and happily volunteered to go into an office to sort out the finance systems – the office was in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Sharon Mckee signed up to do a charity challenge trek to Machu Picchu in what she describes as a ‘moment of madness’.

All different stories in different circumstances – but all a little out of the ordinary and mostly outside of people’s comfort zone. They aim to give the reader a real insight into very different kinds of trips, travels and lifestyles – and maybe it will inspire you to just get out there and do something a little crazy that you've never done before. But be warned – it could completely change your life..!