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A Taste of Wartime

Posted on 14 Aug 2015

When Simon Evans' family uncovered letters his parents-in-law wrote to each other during the second world war, he knew they were more than just ‘wish you were here’ notes.

Jim and Pam Maurice wrote to each other every week for three years and left over 300 letters, which Simon edited into 'With Love and a Huge Cocktail'.
The correspondence gives a fascinating insight into more than just a couple separated – it shows British society, mores, attitudes and politics of the time. Both Jim and Pam enjoyed a tipple, Pam in particular being very partial to a good quality port and the odd cocktail. This book also shows the contrast in their experiences which would change their lives for ever.

Many cocktails were invented in the '40s, if you fancy trying a taste of wartime, here are some recipes to wet your whistle...
1940s cocktails