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We've launched!

Posted on 14 Aug 2015

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We've launched! Dilliebooks is an independent ebook publisher, there's a few things we think make us a little bit different...

The idea for Dilliebooks came when founder Sharon McKee tried to find an independent publisher, that produced only ebooks, but which treated writers in the same way traditional publishers do. Sharon was looking for one which would work with a writer, giving professional support and expertise to help produce a great book - and not charge for these services as many 'digital publishers' do (errm, we believe writers should be paid for what they do not the other way round - that seems to be different for a start!)

Ebooks are easy to read, transport and buy - as publishers we can produce them at lower cost and more quickly, and get them out to people worldwide, more easily than print. We believe digital also offers unlimited creative opportunities. We are exploring how we can really shape what we do to give added value, extras and 'wow' to our ebooks.

We want to work in partnership with our writers, working together to produce and sell excellent ebooks. We've developed the Writing Desk, our authors' portal where writers have their own space to work with us on their book and also public pages to use to promote themselves and their work.
We want to involve readers too in new ways and we'll be developing our platform to engage with book lovers across the globe.

We've launched with some great non-fiction, a mix of memoir, travel, historical - not all fit smoothly into one single genre. And that is fine by us. We are not defining narrow limits about what we may like - life lit, creative non-fiction, experiences, achievements, practical guides - something that makes us go wow, laugh, cry, learn something or just really enjoy - books that make us want to know more.
Curiosity is key to developing Dilliebooks and exploring the opportunities for the future.

For us, this is just the beginning of something exciting, exhilarating - and different. There is much more to come... and we hope you'll join us for the ride.