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Genre: Non-Fiction Travel

ISBN: 978-0-9933766

Published 12 Aug 2015


Outdoor leader Penny Knight found herself at the age of 48 quite content, with a great job in a beautiful location, two grown up children and surrounded by a loving family and friends. Time to throw everything up in the air then...! In 2013 Penny decided to give it all up, sell everything and spend a year combining her passion for travel with leading extreme challenges. Swapping security and home comforts for uncertainty and adventures, Penny headed off to see if she could make a totally different kind of life work - it was after all, going to be 'just for one year...'

Published by: Dilliebooks
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Edition: 1
A Knight Fulfilled by Penny Knight

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A Knight Fulfilled

About the Author

Penny Knight

I grew up with a love of the outdoors and being active, so it was no surprise that I pursued a career in the armed forces. This was only cut short by my decision to have a family, but I carried on learning, eventually qualifying as an outdoor...

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