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Published 11 Nov 2016


In 2012 when young Polish immigrant Agnieszka visits fellow countrywoman Krystyna in a Peterborough care home for the first time, she thinks it a simple act of kindness. However, the meeting proves to be the beginning of a life-changing experience. Krystyna’s stories about the past are not memories of the good old days but recollections of war-ravaged Europe: The Warsaw Ghetto, Pawiak Prison, Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, and a death march to freedom. The losses and ordeals Krystyna suffered and what she had to do to survive are horrors Agnieszka must confront when she volunteers to be Krystyna’s biographer. Will Agnieszka be able to keep her promise to tell her story, and, in this harrowing memoir of survival, what is the message for us today?

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Being Krystyna by Carol Browne

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About the Author

Carol Browne

Born in 1954 and raised in Crewe, Cheshire, Carol Browne obtained an honours degree in English language and literature from Nottingham University in 1976. When not writing fiction and non-fiction, Carol works as a self-employed housekeeper and...

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