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Genre: Fiction Fantasy


Published 2 Feb 2020


Elgiva, a young elf banished from Elvendom, must seek shelter among the Saxons she dislikes, as her only hope of surviving winter. Godwin, a Briton enslaved by the Saxons, is ignorant of both his own inheritance and the secret of power he possesses. Elgiva and Godwin are thrown together, and face challenging the boundaries of territories, races, and ancient secrets, to fulfil their destiny. When a mysterious enemy emerges, who will stop at nothing to wield absolute power, Elgiva and Godwin embark upon the quest for the legendary Lorestone, the only thing that can save Elvendom from the evil that threatens to destroy it. With the help of an eclectic group of friends, including a petulant pony and a timid elf boy, can Elgiva find the Lorestone before it falls into the wrong hands? This is the first book in The Elwardain Chronicles.

Published by: Dilliebooks
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Edition: 1
The Exile of Elindel by Carol Browne

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About the Author

Carol Browne

Born in 1954 and raised in Crewe, Cheshire, Carol Browne obtained an honours degree in English language and literature from Nottingham University in 1976. When not writing fiction and non-fiction, Carol works as a self-employed housekeeper and...

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