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Genre: Fiction Fantasy


Published 11 Apr 2020


His adventures in Elvendom left Godwin a changed man, and now bereavement has darkened his world. In another dimension, as a new Elvendom is threatened by the ambitions of a monstrous enemy. But who - or what - is the Dark Lady of Bletchberm? And what has become of Elgiva? Reeling from the loss of their Elwardain, the elves ask Godwin for help. Transported into a strange world of time travel and outlandish creatures, will he succeed in his quest against impossible odds, or will the Dark Lady destroy everything the Elwardain fought to preserve? Find out in this, the second instalment in the Elwardain Chronicles trilogy.

Published by: Dilliebooks
Available in Ebook
Edition: 1
Gateway to Elvendom by Carol Browne

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About the Author

Carol Browne

Born in 1954 and raised in Crewe, Cheshire, Carol Browne obtained an honours degree in English language and literature from Nottingham University in 1976. When not writing fiction and non-fiction, Carol works as a self-employed housekeeper and...

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