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Published 30 Dec 2015


During World War II, Jim and Pam Maurice were separated for three years. Jim, a GP, became an RAF doctor sent to the Middle East. Pam stayed at home in the south of England with their two small children. Eloquent and educated, they were prolific letter writers, exchanging correspondence weekly, and producing over 300 letters in total. This selection of their correspondence tells the story of a separated couple who loved each other dearly and also gives a fascinating insight into British attitudes, society, politics and the wider world at this crucial time in history.

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With Love and a Huge Cocktail by Simon Evans

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About the Author

Simon Evans

I’m a Londoner but spent much of my working life abroad, including nearly 20 years living in California. I retired recently after a career in academia, consultancy and business. I have always written. I found business meetings particularly conducive...

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