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Genre: Fiction Fantasy


Published 5 May 2020


Determined to spare Godwin the violent death shown to her in dreams, Elgiva uses the portal to cross over into his dimension. Meanwhile, members of Godwin’s tribe seek sanctuary at the settlement. What has caused them to flee for their lives? Disguises must be lifted and secrets revealed and wyrd will unfold as it should. But time is running out… For it is winter and the darkness is coming; A darkness with teeth and claws. This is the third and final book in The Elwardain Chronicles.

Published by: Dilliebooks
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Edition: 1
Wyrd's End by Carol Browne

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About the Author

Carol Browne

Born in 1954 and raised in Crewe, Cheshire, Carol Browne obtained an honours degree in English language and literature from Nottingham University in 1976. When not writing fiction and non-fiction, Carol works as a self-employed housekeeper and...

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